25 Oct

Therapeutic Massage for A Healthful Life

We learn at an early age that incorporating a healthful regimen of good diet, and exercise is important to everyday life. Staying healthy now will pay off in many ways down the road.

By adding massage, we come full circle for a well-rounded routine.

Eating right, drinking plenty of fluids, (especially in unusually hot weather), getting plenty of exercise and adding a massage to help curb your stress levels…priceless!

If you think that massage is a luxury item that you just can’t fit into your budget, guess again. When it comes to our health, it appears to be one practice that we cannot escape from, in order to live a healthy lifestyle.

We pick our battles, we pick our veggies, and we should pick our massage modalities. By inviting the relaxation and healing benefits, along with good nutrition and a solid workout, we give our bodies what they long for. It’s proven that when we add massage to the mix, we think clearer and we allow ingenuity and inspiration to join the party.

While relaxing, turn off your devices, and give yourself permission to think…or not. With the advice of your RLF professional, choose a modality that might be best for you. You will enjoy how it makes you feel and what you can actually accomplish by turning off your mind and your body.

Eat a salad with fruit and nuts for fiber and extra antioxidant levels. Drink fluids that replenish you. Eat Omega 3’s and vegetables. Drink tea, and if you have to eat chocolate, (which girl doesn’t), be sure it’s the dark variety that helps keep you healthy.

The professionals in Therapeutic Massage at RLF Wellness Center are passionate about what they do to help heal. You will benefit greatly by allowing your massage to fill your senses: the fatigue in your muscles dissipates, shoulders are eased, headaches averted, serious afflictions are avoided, and a clear, open mind will be your best friend.

We look forward to seeing you.

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