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RLF Wellness Center, in Danville, CA., is the vision of Rachel Frei, Therapeutic Massage Therapist. Rachel was inspired to pursue a career in the wellness arena by the events that took place during her experience with cancer as a teenager.

Rachel was diagnosed with Leukemia at age 14. After undergoing a tremendous number of treatments, and spending her 15th birthday in the hospital, Rachel, today, is cancer-free. This life-altering encounter in her young life, inspired her for the good.

After seeing the dedication of the doctors and nurses, Rachel knew that she wanted to pay it forward. With a desire to help others fix problems, stay healthy and overcome many ailments that might afflict them, massage therapy would be a great choice. Shortly after Rachel’s discovery, Massage by Rachel was created…

After much reflection, and how her healing hands help others, Rachel wanted to serve a larger demographic. She knew that the only way to do this was to start a wellness center and offer a menu of more diverse health-promoting services. RLF Wellness Center will include not only therapeutic massage, but also, an array of modalities that will assist her clients in achieving their goals in the healing process.

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